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English page 84 ex.1.2

1. Choose the right form.

Tom   played   computer games yesterday(plays,played).

Mother is making a cake in the kitchen now( makes, is making).

Mr. Brown washes  his car every week (washes, is washing).

The boys  watched  a football game last week (watched, are watching).

Mrs. Smith  grows  flowers in her garden (grows, is growing).

He does  his lessons after dinner (is doing, does).

Jack   read many english books last year (read, reads).
2. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct form.
Jimmy usually  gets up early in the morning.
The teacher is writing new words on the chalkboard
Mary  cleaned her room yesterday.
We usually  watch TV in the evening.
The children are playing in the yard now.
Last week Tom and Suzy  visited their grandparents.

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