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Text 5

A. Answer these questions.

  1. Did the doctor think, ‘This man has really swallowed a horse’?
  2. Why did the nurse give the man an injection?
  3. What did the doctor do when he went out?
  4. What did Mr. Lloyd see when he woke up?
  5. Why was Mr. Lloyd not happy when he looked at the horse
    more carefully?

  6. B. Which words in the story on page 12 mean:

  1. sick 3. visit 5. discovered
  2. pleased 4. fast

  3. C> Put the number of the correct sentence under the correct picture.
  1. The nurse gave Mr. Lloyd an injection.
  1. The doctor went out into the street.
  1. Mr. Lloyd said, ‘I feel very ill.’
  1. Mr. Lloyd woke up.

Mr. Lloyd came into the doctor’s office.

Mr. Lloyd went to sleep.

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