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Lesson 1

Text 3,page 8(Oxford stories)/read and answer the questions

Grammar:the verb be:plural,negatives and questions

Hometask:2/c,d,e,page 19(English in mind)

Lesson 2

Text 3,page 8/to retell the story(Oxford stories)

Hometask:ex.b,c,page 9(Oxford stories)

September 27-October 1

Lesson 1

Text 2 ,page 6/read and answer the questions

Hometask:ex.b,c,page 7

Lesson 2

Text 2,page 6/to retell the story


 At the library – giving personal information
Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.

September 22-25

Lesson 1

Text 1,page 4(Oxford Stories)/to read the text and answer the questions.

Exercises b,c page 5

Lesson 2

Text 1,page 4/to retell the text/Oxford stories/

Complete the sentences with “to be”am, is, are

1. I _am____ a girl.

2. My father___is__ at work.

3. Alex and Dino __are_ my cats.

4. Alex __is___ in the garden.

5. Dino ___is_ on the floor.

6. My red pencil __is___ on the floor, too.

7. The other pencils __are___ in my pencil case.

8. My mother __is___ in the living room.

9. Eli and Rafa _are____ good friends.

10. They ___are__ good at tennis.

11. Are__ they in Amsterdam this week?

12. The pupils __are___ not at school today.

13. It __is___ Monday.

14. I __am___ at home.

15. We _are____ friends.

Make affirmative sentences with “to be”

1. I _am____ never happy on a Sunday afternoon.

2. We ___are__ Scottish.

3. He ___is__ a pilot.

4. Mayte and Joshua ___are__ angry.

5. You _are____ clever and good-looking.

Make negative sentences with “to be”

1. You ___are__ not Dutch.

2. Gemma __is not___ at home.

3. Agust and I are not___ pleased about it.

4. I ___am not cruel.

5. It __is not___ good.

Questions with “to be”

1. ___Are __ you from Málaga?

2. _Is_ Isabel Spanish?

3. ___Are__ we ready to go?

4. __Is___ he married?

5. __Are___ you tired


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