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I’ve got a scarf. lt’s my scarf.

He’s  got a jacket.   It’s his jacket.

She’s got a viedeo camera. It’s her vedeo camera.

They’ve got sunglasses.They’ re their sunglasses.

You’ve got a computer. It’s your  computer.

We’ve got shorts.They’re your shorts.


This is Billy and this is his dog.

This is Mariy and this is her lamb.

This is Pam and Ted. This is  their cat.

This is me and this is my bike.

This is you and this is your parrot.

We are Rob and Keven and this is our snake.

This is a robot and this is its head.

This is me and this is my kite.

This is Kim and Sam and this is their  rabbit.




I'm studing in Mxitar Sebastaci school.

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